We strive to keep our water clean and safe.
For today & for future generations.

Welcome to our new Website!

Water Testing

We test water & will post results as we receive them.

Multiple Services

We have many other services to offer the public.

Friendly Staff

Our staff is glad to serve the members of the Winnebago Community.

Latest Equipment

We have the latest equipment to service all your water needs.

Robust content block

The modular design bring freedom and creativity to create your own flexible personalised pages.

Moving forward

Uber is starting point for us to explore cool stuffs like drag-and-drop ability, inline editing etc.

16+ Pre-built Blocks

10+ Robust Sample Sites

Some quick statistics about what makes the awesomeness and beauty of Winnebago Village.

  • 800 Satisfied Customers
  • 10 Hard Working Employees
  • 1000 Working Hours
  • 500 Successful Water Tests

We optimise Uber


16+ Block types

At this phase, we round up typical blocks that Uber has to offer. Each block type comes with multiple styles.


Flexible customisation

Each block has its own less file, so you have full control to define your own class and style.


Content creator friendly

Completely separate content & design. No longer mixing HTML syntax embedded inside articles.

New cool things

Allow us to dig deeper into the modular block approach which eases our page management efforts.

A new journey with Uber!